• In the light of the morrow, the darkness of today is but the black in the blink of an eye
    • The sun shines especially for you. The wind blows to lift your spirit. Smile, spread your wings and fly.
    • Let’s see what the world has to offer me today. Strike that. Let’s see what I can offer the world today! A little a day, for someone, somewhere …
    • Music adds the most beautiful lyrics to our lives.
    • Make a dream in your sleep tonight, only to forget about it in the morning.
      Or make one, when your awake in the morning, and remember to take at least one tiny step towards it’s reality.
    • There is always a little good in everyone. Take a little time to find it. You may find the good in you
    • A little extra kindness, a little more thoughtfulness. Let this day be better for you by being good for another.
    • You are but one of the universe like the stars and the trees.
      And as the universe unfolds, rise & grow, the whole Universe is with you…
    • Walk up to the mirror. Hold your gaze to the reflection looking back. Happy? You are the miracle.
    • I know the cure for all pains. It is the knowledge that your every pain, is inadvertently a source of happiness for another being.
    • … when your sorrows have no respite, you gotta learn to cry. Cry with a smile …
    • Do good, not to receive good. Be kind, not to receive kindness.
      But because it is the right thing. There should not be another reason. There can be no other reason.
    • If only people realize how lonely ‘I’ is … we would all be individually a little better!


    • Rape – Every Men is associated with a women, against whom he would never want such a shameful act. Yet, we behave as animals.
    • Social Change – changing ourselves is the first and easiest thing to do. It does not need laws. We can at least do this much!
    • Honor Killing – what is the honor in honor-killing? Parents-hunting & snuffing out the lives they brought into the world,Brothers-killing sisters
    • Women Power – .. and she showed no fear in spreading her wide, strong wings, to fly where no one dared, fly high and rise to newer skies…


  • LOVE
    • Love only makes you better
    • True love is one common dream of all mankind.Find it,and you have lived. Your heart can be still and life’s search cease
    • Hate – Almost everyone is or has been in love, then why is there so much hatred around? How can you hate when you have loved?


    • the quest to sleep when the time to wake up is nigh
    • I try to sleep but before my eyes can remain shut, the sun’s up and ready to shine. I guess I can sleep awake …
    • Wish falling asleep was as easy as staying awake. But then i would have been a meow’ing purring thing!!!
    • I’ve probably counted more sheep then there are in the world …. Anything else left to count?
    • I spend more time waiting for the alarm clock to ring, then it does in ringing to wake me up.
    • I wake up in my sleep, sleep, and they wake up, to go back to sleep. Is my sleep a dream? Or am i sleeping awake?


  • RAIN
    • Let the winds caress you, and the rains kiss you gently. Let the earth be your mother, in her embrace you will be safe.
    • It’s raining, and the scent of the wet earth never fails to enchant me. It’s the scent of the meeting of heaven and earth…
    • Tears mingled with fresh rain drops. One heady concoction, nothing can bring such a release and relief
    • yes, yes its raining!!! smell the earth, taste the rain… bliss is here. now!


    • Let the sweet erase the bitter, and let the sweet taste linger this year ahead.
    • Wishing you a great year ahead where dreams get realized, and more dreams are born! Looking ahead not forgetting to look behind.


  • Let My India Awake
    • to a thinking India, unswayed by false political agendas, hypocritical society. A thoughtful and awake India.
    • to love, respect,dignity,& absolutely no Prejudices be it caste,creed,religion,sex,or color. A ‘one’ India.
    • Each one of us needs to do what is right. WE, the people, need to change. The change we desire will follow.


  • MISC.
    • We are in a de-evolution stage;
      from live and let live to kill or get killed;
      rise not together but by pulling someone down;
      from humans to parasites.
    • many a times, its the past that determines our actions in the present, leading us to our future …
    • Let people speak their mind. It mostly sounds better then the words from their mouth!
    • I see so much more with my eyes closed, then I thought I had seen with my eyes open…
    • What I feared most, happened. Today, again nothing happened!
    • The harder I try to forget, the more clearly I remember it …. I need to forget what I am trying to forget …
    • The eyes were seeking a glowing lamp, there was but a dying candle



    • Galli main phoolon ki mehek, aur khaanese saja kohara. Muskurate chehre beche khazane hazaar, aisa hai desh mera.
    • Water Scarcity – paani paani re, iske liye kitney hain tarsey. Ek boond ke liye roj kahi martey, har boond ki kimat kaahe na samajtey
    • Aging Parents – Hum toh sooraj dhalne ke sunhare rang main khel raha the.Mere taare,kyon hume Raat ke andhere main chodh aaye?
    • Alcohol Abuse – iss daaru ke nashe main, hum toh magn hain. Par hume chahne walley gumh ki nadi main doobe hain
    • Anti-Smoking – Yeh dhuan toh sirf cheenta hai zindagi. Thodi tumhari. Thodi auron ki. Har pal dheere dheere zindagi kam kar raha hai.
    • zindagi toh humne udhar li hai. Hamara toh kuch nahin hai, bas jeete hain, sab zindagi ko sood sahit lautane
    • Suraj se tapi halki si hava, aur raat ki baarish main lipti pankhudiyan bad yehi gungunaye – Shrishti hai humari, aur hum uske
    • Shaam ke aasman main rang koi saja gaya, vishaal aasman ko koi chitrakaar mil gaya. Zara ruk,saans le lo. Iss drishya ko dekh, ek saans zara tum kho do
    • Giley baalon main gajra saj gaya, aangan main rangon ka mela lag gaya. Ab chalo jeevan main kuch rang laaye
    • Subah ki woh narm sardi, aur chehre pe chalakti roshni ki pehli kiran, bas yahi kehti hai – Yeh din tumhara hai.