Sworn silence

Sworn silence …
on sealed lips
salt on shores of eye lids
sea of emotions swirling within
drowning knowing to swim.

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The magic in your tears

You lick your lips and taste all the salt
Close your eyes and travel back to
the warm summer breeze caressing your cheeks, and
warm kisses of the waves on your feet.

You let the world blur and reality fade away
there is nothing more beautiful to see, nothing
that will take your breath away, and
your eyes only make out apparitions, and
every face seem like the most beautiful face you had seen.

And in the coldest of times, when
even the sun over your head cannot warm your frozen heart
You place your heart in the palm of your hand, and
let the tears rain down gently, filling every vein, slowly.
And you will see it beat again in the warm embrace.

And when the stars don’t twinkle anymore
even in the darkest of nights, and
each one seems miles apart from the other
You see the sky with your tear-filled eyes, and
you’ll see the brightest of stars, all dancing
around a sparkling, big moon with hands held together, and
all distance vanquished.

Cry. Let the tears flow unrestrained.
Let your face be cupped in the soft palms
And feel their shy first kisses on your lips.
The magic in your tears is eternal.
Be grateful.
For the love given and received, and hidden within.
And then cry some more …

Your lullaby

You get back home and pause.
You close your eyes and feel only the void and nothing else.
You crumble and collapse into a heap as your soul is sucked out and you can no longer breathe.
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… who knew I’d need you to breathe …

A lost solitary magical tear, and conversation with a shadow

The Experience:
You are doing your everyday stuff – sipping on your morning coffee, working on your PC in office, or just travelling in your local bus or cab. Everything is exactly the same as yesterday, but only, it’s today. And then you freeze. You cannot move your pinky, or wriggle your toes. You cannot event blink your eyes, or open your mouth to let out a scream. You do not feel anything. You’re no longer sure whether time is ticking. Or you are breathing. Or you exist. Read more…


Let’s wrap ourselves in the starry
sheet of the night
And wake up to a blushing dawn smiling at the sheet now
in perfect distress

We could. We would.

If I could see beyond your eyes, what would I see?
Would I see the land where the clouds bloom?
And the land is painted in all the hues of the sun?

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