I am so filled up with emotions ~
tears spill to wipe the sheet before the pen can cry ink


I can’t find the words so let me just breathe you in,
you can then listen to the cries of longing
reverberate through my bones, and
see tears where blood once flowed.

till the end of world

Lie with me
till the sun burns out quenching its eternal thirst sizzling
to a quiet murmur in the last river of the world.

Hold me
till the moon and stars explode in one final unison
leaving behind a blinding bright sky.

Kiss me
till the big hand stops chasing the small hand
and the clock runs out of time.

In the quietest hours

in the quietest hours, i spill
ink brimming with insurmountable emotions
drawing words that are yet to be defined
for a love that can no limits, find.

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Every breath I take

some lines that spilled with the falling rains …


And every breath I take isĀ to
whisper your name,think your thought
smile amongst tears in the most exquisite yearning.

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Let it rain

some lines that spilled with the falling rains …


I knocked on your door dressed in the freshest rain.
Open the door and light up the universe with your smile.
We will have our rainbow in this moment of time.

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Love is …

… trees picking their skirts
dancing to wind’s songs

… colours of blushing rivers
quivering in sun’s embrace

… waves rushing to kiss
parched lips of shores

… fragrance of the earth
making love to rains

All magic that happens
is but loves grace.


I was nominated by the wonderful Piyush to come up with a poem on what Love is to me and convey it in 10 sentences each having exactly 4 words.
Phew! For a subject where I could write every minute about, my work was definitely cut out šŸ˜‰

Please take it upon yourself or nominate someoneĀ to take up this wonderful prompt šŸ™‚

I am also required to share a favorite quote on love. However that is just not possible becauseĀ I love every love quote šŸ™‚ Instead I will share one of favourite poems on Love at below link:

Alexander Pushkin – I loved youĀ once

I had made an attempt earlier on my idea of Love, without limitations though. You can read it here.

I Want to Know What Love Is


And sometimes your absence is like that touch
which leaves me shivering in its memory;
the magic of which dissolves in my blood and will keep me alive.

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Let the fog not clear

don’t draw the pearly curtainsĀ to see outside the window
we can never dream what we have been.
tired, cataract eyes trying to thread a pin
by the light of a famishedĀ candle with only a spent wick.

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I take my daily journey under the dark night sky
darker then the blackest black, not a shining star in sight.
The moon and I lonely together, alone.
LonlierĀ then the wind howling in pain;
writhing, crying not a leaf to dance to its whistling.

Part of the wonderful Blogging University 201:Poetry

Cut Off


lullaby of the river
crashing waves against rocks
Love – turbulent calm.

Part of the wonderful Blogging University 201:Poetry

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river water calm
embraces the evening sun;
burnt in the hot summer sky

Part of the wonderful Blogging University 201:Poetry

I loved you once – Alexander Pushkin

I loved you once, nor can this heart be quiet;
For it would seem that love still lingers there;
But do not you be further troubled by it;
I would in no wise hurt you, oh, my dear.

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Why do I write?

I sit at my desk, drumming my fingers
and a candle burning by my side.
Writing down words, sugary words
to show you the love I hide deep inside.

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Ek kadam aur – One little step

English translation follows (rough)

Tu meri yaadon ko sehla le kabhi
lori suna ke uske sapnon main jhaank le kabhi.
Ek jahaan hai banaya bas tere liye
ashiaana hai sajaya teri har ek khushi se.
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