I want to hold you in my arms, till
I have soaked up all your pain, and
all the hurt you feel inside.

I want to take your hands in mine, and
scream and yell and plead to all the Gods and Angels, to
take care of you, watch over you.

I want to take your face in my hands, and
kiss you, your forehead, to
let you know it’s all going to be fine.
You are beautiful and your soul shines.

I want you to know that I will always be there
by your shadow,
or your side,
you can decide.

I was never yours, but this love is bliss inside.
You made the heart beat and hope to spring.
And you don’t have to love me back,
For now this is enough, my love.
Let me just love you, for that
seems to be the purpose of my life.