… an attempt to answer a question asked; could you, my lovely friends, add comments please or treat it as a prompt?

someone who can just hold the book for you and turn the pages while you read, tirelessly, page after page. Or read the pages for you so you can just close your eyes and read the book.

someone who can easily forget to pray for anything else, in fact the only reason to pray is asking for your happiness and the blessings to keep you happy and away from every pain, standing guard at your door to dissolve the grief right there in a smile.

someone who wonders about whether you are smiling every time he smiles, and worries with even the slightest ‘bad’ feeling about your well being. And just wants to share every small and big good thing with you, every beautiful sight, every damn thing.

someone waiting to massage your tired feet, rest you, take away all your tiredness in a warm hug, and treat you special every time, especially when you are low and just exhausted.

someone who loves you so much that they pray and ask for you to be with someone else if there can be someone who could love you more. And if you still choose to be with another, pray that all the love they hold is given away to that person so that you may never have any dearth of love.

someone who just listens to your every word, has eyes only for you, and for whom the world begins and ends with you.

someone who just finds that no other dream is more important than yours, for nothing can give them a bigger joy. Your happiness is the only ambition because that is the only thing that will bring pure happiness.

someone who you can travel the world with, exploring every nook and corner in a shared magical delight, lying under the expansive trees and drawing shapes in clouds and counting and naming stars.

someone who can just hold you tight, reach inside you and take away your angst, fears and just kiss you on the forehead to make everything alright.

someone who can just let you sleep in their arms while caressing your hair the whole night just to give you that blissful sleep and be in bliss in that very moment.

someone who lays bare their soul, unable to lie and hide anything at all from you, good, bad, ugly anything and everything.

someone who keeps worrying, thinking about you. How you have been, what are you thinking, how can he help you. Dreaming to be with your happy parts but more importantly being there during your bad parts.

someone who is ‘truly’ intimate with you. who breathes you in their lungs, who bares everything and with an honesty and level that the naked body is just a touch of reality to a spiritual connect. Just one look in the eye and all layers of skin, ego, everything just fall aside.

someone who you can just laugh with and feel so complete and realise that you can never be grateful enough for their mere presence and how much better you are and can be.

Someone who would just sit with you all night just holding your hands and watching the stars in silence till they disappear into the daylight, and then again wait for the night to come around.

someone who you can just be with together for now, next several years, for life without being tied down by branded relationship tags and norms, but just for the truth, and honest love, a friend who you’d want to be with when the world ends.

someone who can finish your sentences, someone who fits perfectly into all the missing jigsaw pieces of you, someone you knew even before you did, in whose arms you stop not pause because you just know – this is it, this is your miracle, your blessing, and you are complete.