If I could see beyond your eyes, what would I see?
Would I see the land where the clouds bloom?
And the land is painted in all the hues of the sun?

If I could listen to your silence speak, what would I hear?
Would I hear the stars whispering in delight?
And the moon hums a tune that makes angels fly?

If I could hold your every thought, what would I embrace?
Would I be held in the arms of the first rays of the morning?
And the wind that carries every fragrant rain drop?

If you could …
… look into my eyes,
… hear my silence,
… stroll with my thoughts.

We would …
… sleep on a sun kissed canvas;
… amidst a sea of blossoming clouds;
… fragrant like the first summer rain;
… wrapped in a blanket of naughty stars;
… lulled by the moon’s honey soaked voice.

I could. You could. We would.

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