… trees picking their skirts
dancing to wind’s songs

… colours of blushing rivers
quivering in sun’s embrace

… waves rushing to kiss
parched lips of shores

… fragrance of the earth
making love to rains

All magic that happens
is but loves grace.


I was nominated by the wonderful Piyush to come up with a poem on what Love is to me and convey it in 10 sentences each having exactly 4 words.
Phew! For a subject where I could write every minute about, my work was definitely cut out 😉

Please take it upon yourself or nominate someone to take up this wonderful prompt 🙂

I am also required to share a favorite quote on love. However that is just not possible because I love every love quote 🙂 Instead I will share one of favourite poems on Love at below link:

Alexander Pushkin – I loved you once

I had made an attempt earlier on my idea of Love, without limitations though. You can read it here.

I Want to Know What Love Is