don’t draw the pearly curtains to see outside the window
we can never dream what we have been.
tired, cataract eyes trying to thread a pin
by the light of a famished candle with only a spent wick.

don’t trace our names on this
cold canvas with our warm hands
watch as we melt in this cold, wet wind
to search tomorrow, tears to dry ourselves.

reach out our hands in the empty air
our searching fingers keep stumbling
blind eyes looking for lost footsteps in the
sands of memory; one sunny day by the sea.

the letters our ink lovingly spills, fumble
trip over repeatedly, bruise and hurt
words spell coherent thoughts of an Alzheimer mind
stars trying to seek out the sun in a moonless night sky.

Let this fog not clear
A perfect you. An imperfect me.
A bliss heavens can let be?

Part of the wonderful Blogging University 201:Poetry

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