I sit at my desk, drumming my fingers
and a candle burning by my side.
Writing down words, sugary words
to show you the love I hide deep inside.

A strong wind blows outside.
The candle flickers and dies inside.
The wind blows away the sheet of paper,
it comes to rest at the wreath of a lover.

As I watch the white sheet fly in the black night,
I beg the winds to carry the verses to my love.
Rest only in her lap as she basks in the sunlight.
Show her my words. My yearning. My love.

But if these words bring a solitary tear to her eye,
take them far away to drown them in a sea as deep as the sky.
I write not for her to cry or sigh a little sad sigh.
I write so her heart may skip a little beat
and she may. She just may …
… love me try.

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