English translation follows (rough)

Teri gailyon main ab kam khotey  hain
mitti ki laali ab bhi wahan gilli hai
pairon ke chaaley zarah bhar gaye hain.

Teri yaadon main aansu kam bahatey hain
sadiyon se unn main doobey hain
aankhon ke geeley pardey sukhey hain thodey.

Tere liye dua phir bhi karte hain
Khuda se chahey rahein khafaa
sar jhukaaye phir bhi roz tere ardas main.


I loose myself a little less now in your streets
where the soil is still red and wet a little;
The blisters in my feet have begun to heal a little.

I cry a little less thinking your thoughts
where I lay submerged in their river;
The wet curtains of my eye drying a little

And though I will remain a little cross with the Gods,
I will bow down my head each day
in a little prayer for you first thing every morning.



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