I never looked sad, I heard what people said.
I laughed when they were gay,
and they thought I was glad.

My tears never start, my pain never sparks.
but I think my heart …
my heart is like that little bird.

It lies in my breast, it utters no cry.
it’s famished, it’s famished.
but I won’t tell you why.

It takes no heed of any pleasant thing.
I know it does not sing. I know it does not read.
I know it does not breathe.

With my mouth I read, with my hands I play.
My heart is shut,
coax it as you may.

But in the dead of the night, when the guests are gone away.
And the curtains by my bed are like a heavy cloud.
It opens, it opens with a yearning strong and wild.

It lies in my breast, it utters no cry.
It’s famished, it’s famished.
And I feel that I shall die, and none shall know why.

Though the pleasant life is dancing and singing so cheerfully,
My dear heart would be silent …
Because it loved you so dearly.


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