The flower buds in the garden open up slowly
my soul dances in its warm, fragrant embrace.
Only I know, its not the caress of the sun rays
that makes them open and blossom.
It is but your silent kisses in the air from afar
that bring warmth in every sun ray.

The wind chime hanging outside swings and sings
my heart echoes with its soothing jingling.
Only I know, its not the gentle breeze
that makes it erupt in this musical delight
It is but your soft whispers of your blessings from afar
that sway the chime and send it singing.

I get goosebumps, my every pore opens up. Alive.
To feel, to breathe, to kiss – the air, the fragrance, the sun shine.
I spread my arms, close my eyes, and kiss back the air.
Only I know,  that we are together in each others arms.
Only I know, that we can not ever be separated.

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