It was you who made love,
said it was the most beautiful thing.
It was the essence of life.
The need of every being.

Why can’t you hear
the earnest prayers I make
for my love to come awake
Or are you deaf?

Why can’t you see
these eyes that never sleep
with tears they forever filled
Or are you blind?

Why can’t you speak
say the words that missed my lips
words that were truly from my heart
Or is your voice silenced?

Why can’t you touch
ruffle my hair, end all desires
put me to sleep, annihilate all misery
Or are your hands tied?

Why can’t you smell
the stench of a rotting corpse
what you see is not me but my dying soul
Or is the fragrance of my wreath so enchanting?

Have you forgotten love
Or is your heart also aching?

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