I woke up this morning,
with tears in my eyes.
Wondering what hurt,
deep down inside.

I walked up to the mirror, and
looked at the face that stared back at me.
Hurt and sad. Old and haggard.
Could this really be me?

I smashed he mirror,
with my very bare hands.
The pain in those eyes,
I could not comprehend.

Shards of glass lay scattered
on the cold, damp floor.
In the company of warm blood,
that from my veins had flowed.

I drop down and curl up on the floor,
with my shattered dreams all over.
I lay there silent. Lost and torn.
While the tears mingled with the blood on the floor.

I pick up a piece of glass,
and see your eyes look back at me.
With a smile I let it enter my breast to meet my heart.
Maybe now you will see the love I hold inside of me.