English translation follows

Hum toh sooraj dhalne ke sunehray rang main khel raha the.
Mere taare, kyon humey raat ke andherey main chod akele chal diye?

Hum toh chahey na kuch zyada,
bas kabhi haath pakad, chal saath tu humare.

Hum toh chahe na khaana kabhi mehfilon ka,
bas saath baith kha le kabhi, chahe sukhi roti ka ek nivaala.

Hum toh chahey na zindagi main koi sunehray tofhey,
Bas tumhare bachon ki khilkhilati hansi, aur pyaar zara sa.

Galley main liye ab sehmi siskiyan jete hain,
sunhey akelepan main tumhari yaadon ko tatol, kabhi muskura lete hain.

Apni zindagi kho di, tumhari zindagi dhoond rahe the,
Ab apni zindagi main zara jeevan talashte hain.

Humey toh raat ka kabhi darr na tha,
bas haathon se booney sitaron ka saath chaha tha.

Wrinkled hands of my granny

Wrinkled hands of my granny (Photo credit: Prabhat Saraswat)

We were playing with the evening sun,
my stars, why did you leave us in the dark of the night?

We do not wish for too much,
just walk holding our hands awhile.

We do not desire royal, lavish feasts,
just share with us a humble meal, a crumb of dried bread it maybe.

We do not desire precious gifts or presents,
just the gift of your children’s laughter and a little love.

We now live with suppressed tears and sighs of longing,
leaving alone, toying with your memories, we smile a little.

We lost our lives trying to seek the best for your life,
we now live trying to find our own lost lives.

We never feared the dark of the night,
hoping for our own star to be with us.

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