© Emperor Motion Picture & Others

© Emperor Motion Picture & Others

Director: Tung-Shing Yee

Year : 2009

Genre: Drama | Crime | Thriller

Official Website: http://shinjukuincident.emp.hk/

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1075419/

Trailer: http://www.moviemaze.de/media/trailer/5456,shinjuku-incident.html

Verdict: Recommended and highly for Jackie Chan fans.

Set in the 90’s when there was insurgence of poor Chinese immigrants making their way into a thriving Japan illegally, tells the story of SteelHead(Jackie Chan) and his friends who through a series of events enter into war with some of the most dreaded criminal organizations, and how their life is drastically altered.

SteelHead arrives in Japan to find his girlfriend who had previously shipped to Japan to make enough money quickly and return back to her village. He hooks up with his brother Jie(Daniel Wu) and his friends who are already in Japan.


© Emperor Motion Picture & Others

A smart and shrewd SteelHead soon learns tricks of the trade, and along with his Chinese friends begins aggressively laundering money. However things go awry when Taiwanese Triad leader, Gao(Jack Kao) finds out about tempered casino machine. Jie, who is not part of SteelHead’s operation due to his kind nature, unfortunately ends up blocking that very seat, and is caught by Gao who is thirsty for revenge. Gao cuts across Jie’s face and one of his hands.


© Emperor Motion Picture & Others

SteelHead soon wins the confidence and respect of the Chinese immigrants, and soon becomes their leader.  SteelHead coincidentally ends up saving up-and-coming Yakuza chief Eguchi (Masaya Kato) who is now married to his girlfriend. SteelHead helps Eguchi get rid of one of his major rivals, and in return gets control of prominent night clubs and territory. This marks the entry of SteelHead and his gang into more powerful yet murkier water.
SteelHead, a tractor mechanic back in China, opens a tractor repair business, and recedes from the criminal life with his new-found love. His friends and brother Jei run the whole show and become pawns in Eguchi’s drug business. With the Japanese Yakuza’s seething in rage over the excessive powers handed over to the Chinese, the abashed Taiwanese gangs, and the police looking to reduce the spate of gang related violence, a befitting powerful climax is served.

© Emperor Motion Picture & Others

© Emperor Motion Picture & Others

This movie brings out to some level how immigrant communities form as traditional human societal methods to survive. Oppressed, ill-treated, under paid, men come together as they stand a better chance united. It also shows how power corrupts and it is more addictive and lethal than the most dangerous drug.

© Emperor Motion Picture & Others

© Emperor Motion Picture & Others

The Good: A Jackie Chan movie unlike any other, and an exceptional cast. Daniel Wu does very well in essaying the varied shades of his character.

The Not So Good: Apart from a few gaps(more due to the incredulous nature) in the story and a slightly slow pace at about three-quarters into the movie, there is not much to complain about.

The Verdict: Recommended and highly for Jackie Chan fans.

There are some extremely graphic violent scenes, so please do NOT watch this film with young children just because Jackie Chan is in it! Exercise caution.