Oonglee pakad chalna sikhaya,
gir jaoon agar toh pyar se uthaya.
Apne aanchal ki thandi chaanv main,
tapti dhoonp se humesha bachaya.

Mujh ko na kabhi bhooka rakha,
aakhir ka nivaala bhi apne liye na bachaye.
Mitti se apne haath maile kar diye,
mere pairon ko koi pathar na chubh sakey.

Jab dil tha bhaari aur neend thi bezaar,
apni godh main rakh sar, ek gaana gun gunaya.
Jab zhakhm lagey aur dard hua beraham,
tera galey lagana, jaise jaadoo ka koi marham.

Meri har chothi jeet, jashn ka bahana banaya,
har haar ka sabak, zindagi ka ek pehloo bataya.
Hum ho gaye badey. Seena taan, sar uthaye khadey.
Main jahan bhi hoon, jo bhi hoon, tere sahare se hoon.

You held my hands, taught me to walk.
Lifting me with love, anytime i would fall
You kept me in the cool shade of your saree,
protecting me from the harsh heat.

You never let me go hungry,
not thinking to eat even the last morsel of the meal.
You dirtied your hands toiling in the soil
so my feet could never be pricked by stones.

When the heart was heavy, and sleep awry
you let me rest my head in your lap, and sang a soft lullaby
When I was hurt, and the pain excruciating,
your embrace was like a magical balm, so soothing.

My smallest victory, were reasons of celebration.
My defeat was another lesson in the journey of life.
Now I have grown. Standing tall, head held high.
Where I am. What I am. It is because of you and your support.


The poem is written in Hindi, and a rough translation in English follows.

A Happy Mother’s day to my mother, and all the wonderful mother’s out there.

Daily Prompt: Hi, Mom!