So the curtains draw,
it’s day number 30.
I could not write for every day true,
but I did write close to twenty-two!

First it felt like an assignment,
straight out of a military school.
A month and a poem, everyday too?
You don’t take me to be a fool, do you?

But the days made me realize,
there is always so much more we need to tell.
Our life conversations have grown shorter,
with the twitty bird chirping merrily on our shoulders.

Maybe the words I wrote did not rhyme,
but that cannot be such a big crime.
I wrote words that made me feel good.
The words that were spoken always in truth.

And maybe I did not write pearls of wisdom,
Or use words that make you run to a dictionary.
But I tried to write with all of my heart,
so take care you have a little but my humblest part.

Inspired by Kristen‘s post The last of the 30. Thank you Kristen πŸ™‚