The night’s silence was shattered by piercing wails.
A flock of sheep being led to the abattoir,
marching straight to be soon slaughtered.
Guess they knew their end was so very near.

They huddled together. United.
Not one wanting to lead.
Hoping probably to not be butchered.
But really, that just didn’t matter.

A little lamb clung close to its mother.
She kissed and caressed its beloved.
Did she know this was her last caress?
The young one sucked on her udder.
Did it know this was its last supper?

Why do we kill these innocent creatures that can’t speak?
Why do we not feel their pain when we kill?
Each one of us is a dear beloved.
Ask your mother how it matters;
to snatch her baby only to be served on a silver platter.

I am a vegetarian and hold nothing against non-vegetarians. Heck most of my mates are non-vegetarians. We are all part of an ecosystem.
However, seeing men eat a lot of different creatures (including reports of human fetus) … I wonder where we draw a line.