Thank You ziggyshortcrust!
Your effort to revive hand written letters is wonderful to say the least.
Please take time to see her magical work here.


There is a child like excitement in me,
as I hold a letter written by hand, in my own hands.
I brace myself, walk into the study and lay it there gently.
Sitting across I rub my hands in glee like I just received a Christmas gift.

I find my glistening, chrome letter opener, it’s been a long while you know.
The envelope is a blue and there is another face looking at me too!
I carefully tear open the envelope, to find the hidden gem inside it.
It’s a hand crafted letter, and on a matching stationery too!

I read the letter – a one, a two, a three times.
And every time with a grin and a wide smile!
An exquisite poetess elf no less my companion all the time.
No backspace, no delete. Every word penned down personally in ink.

I just had a personal conversation with someone across many seas.
In this fast, fleeting world it was a moment of peace.
It brings so much joy, yet its dying like many other art forms too.
Write a letter in hand. Make someone smile too.