I am sorry my dear sisters,
I have not thanked you enough.
And so I write these words,
of appreciation, gratitude, and love.

I thank you for helping me realize,
that patience is such a virtue.
Of the countless and mindless hours;
spent shopping for a dress or two.

I thank you for the million beauty tricks,
my hair and skin are but your gifts.
Acne needs me to scrooge on the fries,
shampoo + conditioner have the benefits of two!

I thank you for helping me find my favorite place,
the shower and the loo are places where the best ideas are born.
Your marathon sessions in the bathroom have me inspired.
I now use the time to write a poem(like this) or two!

I thank you for honing my parental skills,
babysitting your kids, even before
I could build my very own brood.
Handling kids, I could teach a lesson or two!

I thank you for helping me understand,
woman and her thoughts can never be defined.
Each woman is unique, but likes many similar things.
Thanks to you, I could probably understand one or two!