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I get down on my knees and pray to God for another partner.
Fat, ugly, a scarred leper or maybe a cheap, bloody whore!
Send me someone who will not torment me each day like this.
Maybe a cruel beast that will kill me and have a gallant feast!

God, it seems, is bewitched by the beauty of my lady.
An angel as charming, as enchanting, cannot be with any guile.
He looks down upon me. His eyes full of scorn and fury.
I shrink back into my corner, trembling with fear of his wrath and anger.

With tears in my eyes, I make another silent plea.
I’m drowning in my own tears, God, can’t you see?
I curl up into a tight ball and lay weeping on the cold, naked floor.
No one’s listening to the wails of a dying heart or the tears of an ebbing soul.

I wipe my tears and peer outside the window.
The night has vanished and the sun is now aglow.
She wakes up from her sleep and prepares for another victorious day.
Gliding gracefully across the room, she comes to look down upon me.

I look up at her face and sigh a little sigh.
Oh, what a pretty queen I shall have forever by my side.
She’s splendid and even has a very beautiful name.
The world and all have christened her simply as “Pain”


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