I stare at the ceiling all through the night,
sleep does not come to me almost every night.
I look at my companion in bed and wonder,
’tis she that makes my sleep away wander?

She lies there, calm and serene.
Her eyes shut. Ah, my beautiful queen!
She lies there dreaming, a smile curled around her lush, rosy lips.
Think she’s found new ways to ruin my sleep.

She lies there in the bed – happy and content.
Never been vanquished in any of her quests.
She is a cruel queen – vain and triumphant.
My joys she’s drowned in the blood of the many slaughtered dreams.

She senses my intent gaze on her pretty young face.
Her eyelids flutter before her eyes open to return my gaze.
Her eyes sparkle with all the joy she has sucked from the marrow of my life.
She shuts her eyes and returns back to her dreams. But now with a smirk on her lips.

How do I live with this cruel beauty in my bed?
Always by my side. Who will depart only after I’m cold and dead!
I get up from my bed and walk across to the far corner of the room.
With tears in my eyes, I look at this immortal beauty of doom.


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