Goodbye is such a difficult word.
Its finality, a cruel reminder that nothing is forever.
So I stand here at the place my friend once stood.
Tall, sturdy, beautiful and magnificent.

We shared the best moments of my life.
You let me play and ride your back so many times.
You let me rest against your back, and sleep in your lap so many times.
You shaded me from the blazing sun and embraced me in the harsh winds.

And when I grew older, my childish games stopped.
But our love survived and our bond only grew stronger.
And I spent many cherished moments in your warm embrace.
Moments of calm and solitude, away from the prodding world.

I stand here today kneeling before you.
And cannot help but let the tears stream abundantly.
You stood here once towering down in full glory.
But now all I see is the dried stump they left of you.

My children will miss meeting you, playing in your care.
And not you but concrete trees taller than you will give them shade.
But I will tell them of your unending love and care.
I will not let you become a character from a future fable.

Goodbye and thank you my friend.
I will always miss you.