The sky was the bluest blue.
I was sitting on the greenest green grassland.
A field of the yellowest yellow sunflowers lay in front of me.
And in the midst stood a girl in the whitest white dress.

All the sunflowers were looking towards the sun.
And the sun was like a proud parent beaming on its obedient sons.
But I was looking at the one flower in her hands.
It was the brightest yellow and just looked to be the happiest fellow.
And it had not the sun shining on it, but the warmth of the hands cradling it.

I turned my gaze to see the face of this divine creature.
I saw her smile, one that would light up the darkest night.
Her eyes held stars within, that made them sparkle and shine.
She in her pristine white, with a sunny backdrop and a clear blue sky.
That was a picture of a glorious dream. A moment of absolute bliss.

And just like that, she turned around and disappeared into the infinite golden field.
I could not know her, but I will have this picture of her forever.
I will not lie, I envy everyone who has her in their life.
They have their own sunshine for the rest of their life.
I hope they realize this is the Sunshine Girl.