~ The Child ~

The night was dark, the stars sparse;
a child woke up in the middle of the night.
She turned her gaze to her favorite night spot;
there where the moonlight would shine and shadows dance.

But tonight there was no light, it was pitch black;
black as her own eyes, black like a blind man’s sight.
Her lips did a little quiver, and her eyes grew wider;
she felt a little shiver before she yelled with a lot of fear.

~ The Mother ~

A mother woke up with fear, hearing the scream of her dear child;
jumping from her bed, running to calm her little girl so dear.
The floor of stone, like a lake of not water but cold ice;
her feet were bare yet she glided with absolutely no care.

The room of the her child, was clean and walls of pink;
the bed was made, and the cuddly bears close to the pillow.
She fell to her knee, and lay her head on the clean folded bed sheet;
the bed was not slept in, for her child was lost and a year since last seen.

~ The Moon and the Stars ~

Oh my dear child, I am only gone for a little while;
it is your mother, she needs my light a little longer this night.
Look at the stars my child, their every twinkle is your mother’s snuggle,
You two are sadly apart, let us be your mother and her child.