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Director: Gregor Jordan

Year : 2010

Genre: Drama | Thriller

Official Website: ?

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0914863/

Trailer: http://www.imdb.com/rg/s/4/title/tt0914863/#lb-vi3696953113

Verdict: Recommended

3 nuclear bombs in 3 cities.
3 Days.
10 million lives.
1 terrorist.
1 interrogator.

The premise may get you thinking about the usual Hollywood flick. Some gory scenes of torture, the black suited FBI, the President, lots of TV Monitors, and a happy ending telling you America is Great!. But Unthinkable is more than that. Much more than that.

The movie opens with Steven Young(Sheen) now going by Yusuf, preparing a video tape. News bulletins show him as a wanted man, and is quickly and conveniently arrested.  Only later when the F BI, the military, and the CIA are in a makeshift interrogation setup (in a high school), is the complete video shown with mention about the 3 Nuclear bombs at 3 locations. The FBI, led by Agent Helen Brody(Carrie-Ann Moss), is keen to interrogate Yusuf and find the location of the bomb. However, the military has higher clearance, and the FBI can only be a spectator. After military techniques fail, it’s the turn of the CIA to yield the baton. Enter “H”(Samuel L. Jackson), who takes orders from CIA but is not CIA. An interrogator with serious physical torture skills. The guy to turn to, to do the extreme.


What follows is the extreme torture of Yusuf at the hands of  H, the bad cop, and the righteous, caring Agent Brody, the good cop, all in the classic style. Will Yusuf break down? Or is Yusuf prepared for anything and everything and has everything planned perfectly?

Unthinkable is not a movie about the human rights violation, torture measures, or inhuman treatment of suspects. Unthinkable is not trying to make a statement about the US policies and various military actions and occupancy in Islamic countries. Yes, these are mentioned but in a subtle manner. What we have is a WHITE AMERICAN terrorist, and that in itself sways this movie far away from the many “terrorist” movies.Interrogation

What I believe Unthinkable is all about, is a very simple question – “how far do we think we can go?” How far will we go for the greater good? Are we ready to do the unthinkable and lose our own morality and humanity? What is the limit, and who defines it? What is the line that lets us justify the tag of a human? What will it take for us to cross that line, and yet be able to sleep peacefully again?

The Good:The story, by Peter Woodward, is very well conceived with many moments that you had not thought of, doing justice to the title.
Gregor Jordan, as the Director, does very well to maintain the fine balance ensuring the violence is never overwhelming.
Samuel Jackson, is chilling, and once again proves why he is one of the best actors around.
Michael Sheen is brilliant!

The Not So Good: The movie stutters in the last 20 minutes or so with some very obvious loopholes and shortcomings. There are some gaps in the presentation of the movie which I somehow cannot get over. The calculation skills by the worlds top agencies is unbelievable.

The Verdict: Recommended