me, of scars and beauty

my years of life,
shades of dark and bright.
scars and beauty,
make all of me

shhh … the stars speak

I just whispered a secret to the stars here.
They will seek you out there.
Just lie under the sheet of the sky tonight.
Look up. Look up and see.
Close your eyes and embrace me there.
Close your eyes and smile.
the stars they sing my secret,
your lullaby tonight

this is enough

I want to hold you in my arms, till
I have soaked up all your pain, and
all the hurt you feel inside.

I want to take your hands in mine, and
scream and yell and plead to all the Gods and Angels, to
take care of you, watch over you.

I want to take your face in my hands, and
kiss you, your forehead, to
let you know it’s all going to be fine.
You are beautiful and your soul shines.

I want you to know that I will always be there
by your shadow,
or your side,
you can decide.

I was never yours, but this love is bliss inside.
You made the heart beat and hope to spring.
And you don’t have to love me back,
For now this is enough, my love.
Let me just love you, for that
seems to be the purpose of my life.

Stop breathing? Start breathing?

And I miss you so much,
the ribs seem to shrink and engrave themselves on the caged heart,
squeezing, hurting, crushing the little, throbbing heart
And I hope for tears that never seem to start
while my whole being sobs uncontrollably.

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Who do you love?

… an attempt to answer a question asked; could you, my lovely friends, add comments please or treat it as a prompt?

someone who can just hold the book for you and turn the pages while you read, tirelessly, page after page. Or read the pages for you so you can just close your eyes and read the book.

someone who can easily forget to pray for anything else, in fact the only reason to pray is asking for your happiness and the blessings to keep you happy and away from every pain, standing guard at your door to dissolve the grief right there in a smile.

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Could you hold me a little closer, tighter, longer;
so I can dissolve right there in your arms,
your skin as fabric, soak me up
I can be complete again.
Me in you.

Over the edge

Tears from each eye, like lovers apart.
Break the shackles, and escape the prison of the eyes.
Plunging to their death in the hope of being together in that final moment.
travelling the long journey ending in their only embrace;
and then kiss ~
to become a memory of salt on sweet lips.
caressing the cheeks to hold hands at the edge of the chin;
and then lean over ~
to rest in the bosom of the mother earth.

Sworn silence

Sworn silence …
on sealed lips
salt on shores of eye lids
sea of emotions swirling within
drowning knowing to swim.

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The magic in your tears

You lick your lips and taste all the salt
Close your eyes and travel back to
the warm summer breeze caressing your cheeks, and
warm kisses of the waves on your feet.

You let the world blur and reality fade away
there is nothing more beautiful to see, nothing
that will take your breath away, and
your eyes only make out apparitions, and
every face seem like the most beautiful face you had seen.

And in the coldest of times, when
even the sun over your head cannot warm your frozen heart
You place your heart in the palm of your hand, and
let the tears rain down gently, filling every vein, slowly.
And you will see it beat again in the warm embrace.

And when the stars don’t twinkle anymore
even in the darkest of nights, and
each one seems miles apart from the other
You see the sky with your tear-filled eyes, and
you’ll see the brightest of stars, all dancing
around a sparkling, big moon with hands held together, and
all distance vanquished.

Cry. Let the tears flow unrestrained.
Let your face be cupped in the soft palms
And feel their shy first kisses on your lips.
The magic in your tears is eternal.
Be grateful.
For the love given and received, and hidden within.
And then cry some more …

Your lullaby

You get back home and pause.
You close your eyes and feel only the void and nothing else.
You crumble and collapse into a heap as your soul is sucked out and you can no longer breathe.
You curl up into a fetal position and hug yourself as tight as you can. Read more…


… who knew I’d need you to breathe …

A lost solitary magical tear, and conversation with a shadow

The Experience:
You are doing your everyday stuff – sipping on your morning coffee, working on your PC in office, or just travelling in your local bus or cab. Everything is exactly the same as yesterday, but only, it’s today. And then you freeze. You cannot move your pinky, or wriggle your toes. You cannot event blink your eyes, or open your mouth to let out a scream. You do not feel anything. You’re no longer sure whether time is ticking. Or you are breathing. Or you exist. Read more…


Let’s wrap ourselves in the starry
sheet of the night
And wake up to a blushing dawn smiling at the sheet now
in perfect distress

We could. We would.

If I could see beyond your eyes, what would I see?
Would I see the land where the clouds bloom?
And the land is painted in all the hues of the sun?

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Breathe in the freshness of the morning
Exhaling the stale thoughts that make you worry.

Embrace the passion and the wonderment of today
Learn but not ponder over failings of yesterday

Know there is someone loving you completely, unconditionally.
Hurt but keep loving and be loved

Be colored by the brushes of the dawn and the setting sun
Black, white and grey are not the only colors of your seasons

Listen to songs that the wind carries and leaves sing
Your sobbing sounds will soon be drowned.

There is much to be grateful for, smile you are a miracle.
Your tears need a smile to dissolve that pain.

I had been racking my head to write something like this for someone for several days now. And I chanced upon a wonderful post by Morgan here. Thank you, Morgan.
And then these beautiful Hibby’s in my balcony, just sighed to complete this 🙂

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