Khamosh Ishq- Silent love

English translation follows (rough)

Main kaise bataun tujhe
marte hain har pal tere bina
Labzon se kaise karoon ishq bayaan
tujhe na kehne ka ghum bhi na de sakunga
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Speak in silence

… eyes flutter like the sweetest words that spill from a poets ink,
souls converse with lips sealed, as eyes peek to see the truth within …

Under the frangipani tree

meet me there
under the frangipani tree

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thoda aur sone do [let me sleep a little more]

Chaadhar main lippat, thoda aur so lun;
sapne kuch karvate aur lene hain baaki.
Subah ke sooraj ko sunheri chaasni main aur ghulne do;
titliyon ko thoda aur shehad peena hai baaki

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Arziyan – Prayer

English translation follows (rough)

Arziyan kya bayaan karun main
dil-o-zehan main liye firtey hain
Tujhse toh bas dil aur ruh se baat karte hain
Tu hi sunn le, tu hi zarah dekh le
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If you need me

Is it your fragrance that I am breathing?
Are you here or am I dreaming …
Is it your footsteps I hear?
Or is it just the wind tormenting …
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prelude to smiles

… the tears that we cry, are but a prelude to warmer smiles …

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