the beat of your heart

Oh what I would give …
… to feel your heart beat under the palm of my hand …
anything. everything.

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Arziyan – Prayer

English translation follows (rough)

Arziyan kya bayaan karun main
dil-o-zehan main liye firtey hain
Tujhse toh bas dil aur ruh se baat karte hain
Tu hi sunn le, tu hi zarah dekh le
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If you need me

Is it your fragrance that I am breathing?
Are you here or am I dreaming …
Is it your footsteps I hear?
Or is it just the wind tormenting …
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prelude to smiles

… the tears that we cry, are but a prelude to warmer smiles …

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Stay a little longer tonight

stay a little longer tonight
let’s watch the stars sleep into the daylight.
stay a little longer tonight
let our silence converse in whispers quiet.

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woh ishq ki raah – that path of love

English translation follows (rough)

phir le aaya dil, ussi raah pe shaitan
shayad kuch saamaan rakh bhule hain,
sood ke aaanson ab bhi kuch baaki hai?
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She is my night sky

she is like the night sky
singing the softest, sweetest lullaby
a calm and serene wind, caressing every scar, every ache.

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