the beat of your heart

Oh what I would give …
… to feel your heart beat under the palm of my hand …
anything. everything.

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woh ishq ki raah – that path of love

English translation follows (rough)

phir le aaya dil, ussi raah pe shaitan
shayad kuch saamaan rakh bhule hain,
sood ke aaanson ab bhi kuch baaki hai?
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She is my night sky

she is like the night sky
singing the softest, sweetest lullaby
a calm and serene wind, caressing every scar, every ache.

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Love is …

love is silent,
like the mist of an early winter morning
filling your senses,
embracing you without the faintest whisper.

love is a singer,
the honey soaked voice of the morning birds
the sweetest lullabies,
that make you smile in your sleep.

love is breathless,
like the glorious colours of setting sun
the eternal hope,
leaving you with sweet tears even as it departs.

love is a dancer
gliding gracefully in the arms of the wind
pulls you close,
as you dance to the sweetest invisible tune.

love is a warrior,
a knight in the strongest, shiniest armour
embracing you completely,
protecting you with its very life.

love is a healer,
the slight kiss in every drop of rain
sweet tender caresses
ridding your every pore of all despair.

love is patient,
waiting, listening, hoping, not blind but seeing more.
explosion of colours,
the butterfly that comes to dance on your finger tips, unasked.

love is everything,
It is not the words you read, but the words I hide.

The city and the night

the city wakes up with the coming of the night
the sun burnt, spent – it’s rays swallowed
leaving behind only the shimmering moonlight.
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Lost in You

I will be patient. I will wait while you are gone.
And when you are there, near but far away
I will be here with you, your thoughts, your smile.

My vigil is yours.
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I leave you my words

A drawer full of stacked cards reflect your name,
and all the words I wrote for you.

Pick up the pieces of paper,
hold it close to your bosom
listen to your heart beat again with mine

trace your finger over each letter
let me caress your name
on the nape of your slender neck
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