Spread your wings wide and fly.
Fly high. Fly in the bluest sky.
Soar and rise above the highest peak.
Together. United. No one beneath.

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Holi – The festival of Colours

Chalo aaj rango main rang jaayen,
gulal se gulabi aaj hum ho jaayen.
Na koi ameer, na koi gareeb,
na koi gora, na koi kaala.
Sab bas ek rang main nahaye,
insaan aaj sab ek samaan ho jaayen.

Lets loose ourselves in these vibrant colors today,
smear our faces in the richest and deepest reds.
There will be no one rich or poor today.
There will be no one fair or dark today.
Let us all bathe together in these colors of love.
Let us all be but a united, equal kind.


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Hausla rahe tera sada buland
lakshysa se nazar na kabhi dagmagaye
Ab darke kabhi peeche mudh ke na tu dekh
Mard hai, mard tere saath ek

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Oscars 2014 – Predictions and Surprises

It’s that time, Yes, if you breathe films you will know what I am talking about. The biggest nights is around the corner. The lights about to shine on some of the best stars who have given some sterling performances this year. Its the Oscars.

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Remember Me

Sometimes you may feel all alone.
Nobody to turn to; nowhere to go.
Remember there’s someone you can lean on.
Remember me …

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Do you have a moment?


Re blogging an older poem … apt for today :)

Originally posted on FILMS | FOOD | POETRY:

It takes …

… only a moment for two eyes to meet across a crowded room.

… only a moment for two hearts to beat in a rhythm as one.

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As each day goes by
I think of the times when you were by my side
How I regret of never letting you know
of the love that had in my heart grown.

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